20 Jan


There’s no place like “home sweet home”, but if you’re thinking about selling or just want to increase the value of your home, check out these ideas…

create space by taking out a non-structural wall [anything that opens up space and creates a nice flow will transform your home and create the open concept that buyers are looking for]

upgrade your landscaping [one of the top investments that create the biggest ROI]

let there be lots of light [adding dimmer switches are cool for dining room light fixtures!]

maintenance maintenance maintenance [take care of the basics before investing in a pricey upgrade, e.g attic insulation, furnace inspection, plumbing leaks etc]

go GREEN! [updating an older furnace, heat pump, or hot water tank won’t only save you big bucks in monthly bills, but also adds value as “energy savers” make your home more appealing to buyers]

dress up the front door [make sure the doorbell works, the door is in good condition, and everything is esthetically pleasing, never underestimate the power of a front door as people tend to make up their mind in the first seven seconds of entering a home]

freshen up an ugly view with decorative window film that’s removable

exterior upgrades like decks generally get you dollar-for-dollar back in added value

flooring is crucial; eliminate squeaks if you can, repair/replace broken tiles, and get rid of dirty/worn carpet [go with an engineered hardwood if you want a floor that will hold its value]

ensure your bathroom is sparkling [make sure any grout is super clean, update door hardware/cabinet knobs, and replace outdated faucets]

neutral paint colours are a must as buyers will want to do their own thing upon possession

easy-to-see house numbers for buyers, visitors, and potential first responders

create a home office [millions of people work from home now which has made a home office more of a necessity than a luxury and if you live in an older home, make sure the electrical outlets have been updated to accommodate three-pronged plugs, oh and phone lines and data ports are also a big plus!]


Investing in maintenance/repairs is not only wise financially, but could also be crucial for a sale.  Remove any question marks from your home, and ask a friend to tell you what needs attention or might raise any questions.  Worn carpets, dirty grout, and mega clutter etc will give the impression that your home isn’t well-maintained and lacks storage.  Simple upgrades can totally improve the value of your home.

“The best investment on earth is earth.” | Louis Glickman