1 Feb


DID YOU KNOW ResCom Mortgage Solutions offers equipment financing loans?

Equipment financing is defined as the underwriting of business loans secured by pieces of equipment vs real estate.


cash flow improvement

enhanced business value

modernizing capital assets

There are a wide range of financing options offering up to 100% financing via conditional sales contracts, lines of credit, and 3rd party agreements/assignments etc.

We help businesses in a diverse spectrum of industries and can offer financing for a wide range of equipment such as…

combines, swathers, and tractors for the agriculture industry

aircraft, baggage carts, and commercial vehicles for the airline industry

backhoes, cranes, and loaders for the construction industry

furniture, ultrasound machines, and x-ray machines for the health care/medical industry

buses, tractors, and trailers for the transportation industry

The options are endless and equipment financing is a source of funding that lets you hold onto your cash/working capital so it can be used for other areas of your business, such as expansion, improvements, or R&D.


Equipment financing is a multi-billion-dollar industry and our equipment financing team is committed to helping your business maintain its competitive edge with always-changing technology by offering a suite of equipment financing solutions customized to your specific business.

Times are challenging many businesses today, and businesses just like yours are exactly what the Canadian economy needs to keep moving forward.  Even if you’re a start-up or a small business, we can usually find a solution for you!

Staying competitive means staying productive which means keeping your operations up-to-date with new equipment!

“A verbal agreement isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.” | Bryan O’Loghlen