Mortgage Referral Program for Financial Services and Real Estate Professionals

ResCom Mortgage Solutions Inc. (“ResCom”) is proud to offer Financial and Real Estate Professionals and their clients access to the best products and best mortgage rates in BC. Through our program, your customers will receive one-on-one service for all of their mortgage needs from a dedicated Mortgage Professional. You will receive compensation for the referral and more importantly, peace of mind that your client is receiving exceptional mortgage advice.

Our Mortgage Professionals

Our Mortgage Professionals take great care of you and your client, specializing in conventional and private mortgages —helping wade through the numerous products and features that exist in today’s competitive mortgage market. Just like you, Mortgage Professionals are unbiased, not tied to any one lender—working in the best interest of your clients. They will be able to discuss your client’s situation and find the mortgage that best suits their needs. You are now positioned to help your client when they are purchasing a home, refinancing, renewing their mortgage or are in need of a home equity line of credit.

About ResCom

ResCom Mortgage Solutions Inc.With access to over 50 lenders and hundreds of mortgage products—many only available through a mortgage broker—ResCom’s Mortgage Professionals work diligently to ensure that each and every client receives the mortgage that suits their particular needs.

Regardless of your client’s past or current situation or planned future lifestyle changes, we have the mortgage solution for them. Many major life events such as getting married, expanding the family, saving for retirement or receiving an inheritance have an impact on which mortgage is best. As clients move through different life stages, it makes sense to re-examine their mortgage approach to ensure that they maintain the right mix of products to help them reach their financial and lifestyle goals. When personal goals change, it also makes sense to alter the client’s mortgage plan.

From working with our referral partners and servicing customers, to constructing deals and negotiating with lenders, ResCom upholds a level of integrity second to none in the mortgage industry. We’re committed to working with you and your client to make sure your client obtains all the advantages a Mortgage Professional can offer, and to deliver service of the highest standard throughout the life of their mortgage.

Whatever their life stage, make sure your clients receive the expert advice of one of our Mortgage Professionals and benefit from their customized mortgage strategy.

Working Together

Building trust and integrity in relationships is the foremost principle in all of our dealings, and we take pride in delivering on those values with other like-minded professionals. Our Mortgage Professionals take their professional partnerships very seriously. They aim to make the entire mortgage process as smooth as possible and keep you informed of the status of your client’s financing transaction every step of the way.

Benefits of the Mortgage Referral Program for Financial Services and Real Estate Professionals

Our objective is to provide you with the resources necessary to grow your customer base by extending your client service abilities beyond your current scope, while at the same time increasing your income.

Expand Your Product Offering

The main benefit that this referral program will provide you with is the opportunity to enhance and protect your relationship with your client by allowing you to present your customers with products that were not previously included in your offering. You will now be able to provide your client with broad access to a variety of different mortgage products – including the best rates in the country – from a wide selection of conventional and private lenders.

Bring in The Next Generation Of Client

Many of you are already working to provide generational wealth transfers by offering your services to many of your customers’ and family members. For those of you who would like to increase your exposure and expand your product offering, the mortgage referral program can help you do that more effectively. You can introduce the financial planning process to your prospects, discuss their mortgage needs, and if licensed, assess your prospective clients’ insurance needs all at the same time.

Mortgage agents earn great referral feesRefinancing to Improve Clients’ Cash Flow

Many of your customers may be carrying high-interest debt, most commonly in the form of credit card debt or a car loan which, through refinancing, could be consolidated with their mortgage at a new, lower interest rate. In the majority of cases, the payment amount on the newly refinanced mortgage is significantly less than the sum of the individual payments that were previously required for each individual debt component, thus vastly improving the client’s monthly cash flow. Why not discuss this option with your customers as a way to enhance their savings goals, and maybe put some additional money in their pockets?

Improve Your Income

Our mortgage services are an opportunity for you to increase your income. Not only will you be compensated for your mortgage referrals, but if you are life insurance licensed, knowing your clients’ current mortgage situation adds an opportunity for you to discuss life insurance options at a time when your customers’ need to protect their families. Purchasing a home is often the largest single investment a client will make.

A WIN-WIN Proposition For You And Your Client

Benefits for you:

  • Expanded service offering, with little to no effort
  • Security from knowing that a personal banker will not attempt to take your client and transfer their portfolio.
  • A fee for providing the referral.

Benefits for your customer:

  • The best rates available from an extensive list of lenders.
  • A wider selection of products to suit their particular needs.
  • Service at a convenient time and place.

Let Us Help You

Broaden the value you have to your clients while adhering to all of the regulations set by governing bodies.

The mortgage services offered through ResCom are far-ranging and branch out to many more products and better rates than those that are typically available directly to end-consumers. A few that may be of particular interest to you are:

  • Equity take-out mortgages – free up funds for you to manage elsewhere.
  • Switch mortgages or early renewals – move your clients away from their traditional financial institutions.
  • Lower rates and more flexible offerings – funds may be better suited for other investments.
  • Special mortgages for your self-employed clients. With today’s low-interest rates, let us help you grow your clients’ net worth and your portfolio by managing their mortgage debt and more efficiently utilizing their home equity.

Compensation Structure

For each client that you refer to ResCom that results in a completed mortgage transaction, you will receive a referral fee. Your referral fees are calculated as a percentage of the finder’s fee received by ResCom from the applicable mortgage lender based on the particular deal.

The Numbers!

Example #1:

ResCom arranges a $500,000 first mortgage and your client chooses a 5-year variable rate product. Your compensation would be calculated as follows:

  • Mortgage Amount: $500,000
  • Product: 5-year variable
  • Finder Fee: 80 bps
  • Gross Commission on deal: $500,000 x 80 bps = $4,000
  • Referral Fee (25%): $4,000 x 25% = $1,000!

Example #2:

ResCom arranges a $500,000 first mortgage and your client chooses a 10-year fixed rate product. Your compensation would be calculated as follows:

  • Mortgage Amount: $500,000
  • Product: 10-year fixed term
  • Finder Fee: 100 bps
  • Gross Commission on deal: $500,000 x 100 bps = $5,000
  • Referral Fee (25%): $5,000 x 25% = $1,250!

*Examples subject to change.

For any questions about the Mortgage Referral Program, please contact ResCom Mortgage Solutions Inc.

Primary Contact: Kevin McIntyre, MBA | President & CEO
Toll-Free: 1.855.585.2080