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To speak with the very best mortgage broker in Victoria, call ResCom and let one of their mortgage professionals answer all of your questions. Regardless of whether you’re a first time home buyer, are an existing homeowner looking for a better rate, or are thinking about moving to Victoria to buy a home, ResCom is able to help streamline the process of applying for a mortgage while finding you the lowest rate on the market.
ResCom Mortgage Solutions is a full-service residential and commercial mortgage brokerage firm with 35 years of combined experience, serving all of British Columbia. As a company, they strive to set the standard for ethics, professionalism and competence. ResCom works with multiple lenders including major banks, credit unions, trusts and other national and regional lenders in order to secure you the lowest rate possible. Their relationships allow them to compare rates and terms that would be time consuming for you on your own.
For first time home buyers in Victoria, a mortgage broker can keep you focused on shopping within your price range by helping you get pre-approved for a loan. Buying your first home is a very exciting time in your life, and you’ll need some good advice from a qualified mortgage broker in Victoria. With access to 50 plus lenders, ResCom will find you the best rate and the best mortgage option in order to help you find your dream home.
Many homeowners in Canada are beginning to take advantage of refinancing some of the equity in their mortgage to reduce credit card debt. There’s no reason to pay a high interest rate on your bank’s credit card debt when you can add that debt to your mortgage and begin paying on it with a much lower interest rate. Some main advantages of consolidating debt include:
  • Consolidating all of your high-interest debt into one lower rate
  • Increase your cash flow while saving money
  • Reduce your stress level knowing that your financial situation is now manageable
ResCom agents are available at all times to speak with you about consolidating your debt or applying for a mortgage. You can contact a ResCom professional at 855-585-2080 to have all of your questions answered.
Many current homeowners are surprised to learn that a mortgage broker can help them save money by finding them a new lender with a better rate. In Victoria, ResCom helps many homeowners save money with a new rate and term. If your life circumstances have changed over the years, you should ask yourself several important questions:
  • Has your budget changed to allow for higher mortgage payments that could pay off your mortgage sooner than anticipated?
  • Have you thought about tapping into your home equity for a renovation?
  • Are you thoroughly satisfied with the service you’ve received from your bank or lender?
It’s never too early to begin shopping for a lower rate. Don’t just contact any mortgage broker in Victoria- call the experts at ResCom at 855-585-2080 to learn what they can do to improve your mortgage situation.
Visit our Victoria BC mortgage information page for more details.
Mortgage Broker Victoria
ResCom Mortgage Solutions Inc.
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Mortgage Broker Victoria
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