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Invest In Private Mortgages BC Investing in private mortgages in British Columbia is a great way to get an excellent return on your money and if you've ever thought about doing same, please give ResCom Mortgage Solutions a call at 855.585.2080 or visit us online at for more information. Yields of 8-11% are available for first mortgage investments while yields up to 18% are available for second mortgage investments. We've been working with the same satisfied investors since 1993!

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BC appraisals have never been this easy- and affordable. EComAppraisals has simplified the process of applying for an appraisal with an easy-to-fill-out online form to get you started. If you prefer speaking with a specialist, you can reach out to us by phone at 604-267-7007. When accuracy and speed are needed, we’re available for same-day appraisals.
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